Not Very Impressive

You know what’s not very impressive? People who think they know everything. “Think” being the key word here. If you do actually know everything, then tell me to shut up, but come on people! Tone down the superiority.

Think about it this way.. To me, I think know-it-alls are actually worse than ignorant people. Why? Because ignorant people can sometimes accept that they’re not always correct. Know-it-alls just don’t care! These people think everything they say is right and are reluctant to accept that they can be wrong. So if you are one of these people, stop, please.

My rant is now over.



When All Else Fails.. Just Be Happy


There are so many things in this world that can make a person upset, sad or angry. In fact, sometimes, it feels like that’s all there is. And you know what? Shit happens. (Excuse my French.) However, it’s my philosophy that sometimes, you just have to be happy. Pretending to be happy may actually make you happy. It’s an odd feeling, however it works. I’ve known so many people that have gone through VERY rough situations because they kept up a good attitude. The best example of this is my aunt, who managed to fight stage 3/4 cancer for 5 YEARS!

So, when all else fails, be happy!!! There are always worse things and sometimes what you think is a big deal at the time, ends up being just a small bump in the road, depending on how you think about it.


The Value of a Good Walk

photo 5

Imagine your drive to work or to school. You recognize the streets, some landmarks and that’s it. Now try walking some of that. I bet you’ll miss the turn, or not recognize the area. This has happened to me. I did it once when I had to walk the 3 miles it was to school because my car broke down. It seemed easy enough to drive, but when I walked, I almost didn’t make the right turn.

When you’re walking, you can absorb almost everything. Slowing the commute down gives more of an appreciation of your surroundings. Things can become more beautiful or even uglier than you thought. It’s really amazing. Try taking a walk now and then. Get outside and soak in your surroundings. You may be surprised.

I did a walk here in my grandparents neighborhood. It’s a little lake community where all the houses are 100% different and the properties are all unique. It’s quite the walk.

Just feeling insightful, that’s all.

In fact, I was 6 feet away from a deer on my last one! Those animals are cute!

Oh. My. Gosh. That’s literally perfection.

“Perfect” is a relative term. In fact, according to Merriam-Webster, the top three “perfect” definitions are…

: having no mistakes or flaws

: completely correct or accurate

: having all the qualities you want in that kind of person, situation, etc.

Did you notice that in the third definition, it mentions “you”? I bet it didn’t register. Perfect can be such a relative term. The perfect body, the perfect house, the perfect life, the perfect children, etc. etc..

This post is simply to remind you that “perfect” shouldn’t even be a commonly used word. To me, “perfect” is like the overused word “literally.” The exaggerated use of words is a linguistic marvel that most people have come to experience over the past, I’d say, 15 years or so. The internet probably has a lot to do with this.

The perfect this and the perfect that is subjective. I think the important thing here is that I don’t care what most people think. My idea of perfect is not other people’s definitions of perfect and I am so very okay with that. Live life the way YOU think is perfect! :)

Simply a reminder….

Off to My Grandparent’s House I Go

One of the hardest things to remember when life hands you lemons, is to not freak the hell out and stress out about everything. I say this with four years of experience behind me (most people have more experience), that it is so easy to forget that life isn’t all about what you’re supposed to do, it’s about what makes you happy.

This summer, I have been struggling with the thought that I have no more college ahead of me. I am done. I have to get a job, make some money, move out of my parent’s house, and become independent. The motivation I have to do this is high, however, it really isn’t as easy as it sounds. In the midst of all of this, my parents thought that I should take my much younger brother up to my grandparent’s house for some time. At first, I didn’t want to. It felt like I would be wasting time with whatever I was doing to try to move out. But, in reality, I didn’t have much going on in my life, so I acquiesced.

As soon as I arrived (a few days ago), my body relaxed. My mind was able to do some mental yoga and relieve some stress, and my thoughts went from stressful, to mostly nothing at all. It’s fantastic. I’d like to clarify that thinking about nothing is great… For short periods of time. In fact, that’s a huge reason why I go to the gym! I don’t have to worry about all this nonsense that is typically going through my head besides how hard I’m breathing. (I am a terrible runner, so I breathe like a dying dog and am generally self-conscious about it!!)

Staying at my grandparents is like staying at a family-run resort that’s generally free. So why I didn’t really want to go in the first place almost confuses me now. It’s great. It’s what family should be for. This is truly my happy place.  Find your happy place!!



photo 1 photo 2

Don’t Forget Your Camera

This silly little post is for those people out there who love to party! I guess. I should say that this post is for people who do fun things and always forget to take pictures of themselves and others.

Currently, I am the largest advocate that life shouldn’t pause for the perfect photo/video opportunity, but there is something special about a quick, even candid, picture. Throughout my years I have learned that technology is unreliable, so I’ve come into this habit of printing my pictures after every adventure. They really don’t cost too much. Then I buy a cheap album, and I’m done! Those photos will be around for as long as I am (hopefully). I keep backups on a USB, but there’s something wonderful about holding a real picture.

I used to always forget to snap a picture here and there, but I’ve become much better at this. It’s made my life so much better! There are even photobooks now! Yes, they can be expensive, but PRO TIP! Walgreens photo department almost always has VERY GOOD internet sales. All you do is create/order online and you can have the photos delivered or pick them up in store. It’s simply fantastic. I look through all my old albums and can remember most of them.

Happy photo printing!!


Living With Parents

When I began college, my first thought was: Thank goodness I am out of the house! For me, this grand idea of independent living was finally happening. I got my first dorm room, complete with first college roommate (I’ll save that story for later), and then I even began to collect a meager income with an on-campus job. It was a really good deal. Now, I could go on for ages with some of the stories I have, but the point I want to make today deals with what happens after college. Most students going into college think that by the end, they will have a place to go that isn’t their parents house. Some of them will. Most don’t.


Why didn’t anybody warn me of this? Does this make me a bad student? A terrible adult? Will I have to live here forever?

For my parents sake, I should say that, yes mom, I don’t mind it so much, but I am ready to be on my own! It’s so difficult to find a job, and I appreciate everything you do for me, but I am getting frustrated. I am used to making my own decisions about almost everything, and living at home is opposite to what I’ve been experiencing the past four years. This process is what I like to call, INTRODUCTION TO ADULTING. (Adulting is the act of becoming an adult.)

The moral of this ridiculous story is simple. There are two routes you can choose.

1. BE PREPARED DURING YOUR LAST SEMESTER/YEAR OF COLLEGE AND COME UP WITH A PLAN: What I am saying is if you don’t want to be stuck at home, work really hard during your last months in college and figure something out. There are ways to avoid being stuck home. I have a friend who went backpacking through Europe. I have another friend whose internship with the FBI during her junior year, led her to a job right after college. I have another friend who did a summer job in some other state, just because. So it’s possible.

2. GO HOME AND DEAL WITH IT: This is basically what I did. There are a few ways to take advantage of this. First, you can work while home and save up money to move out. Second, you can mooch off of your parents and apply for any job anywhere else. Third,  you can renovate the space in your parent’s basement and never move away (just kidding…?).

If I did this all over again, I might be more willing to spend time and try option #1, but life is unpredictable and what’s important is that you make the most of every opportunity. The glass is always half full!

Me "adulting" in Washington D.C.

Me “adulting” in Washington D.C.